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Generator Control System

We customize design and install integrated generator control system to meet all kinds of industries requirements. Basiclly include of :

Local Control Panel Monitoring (Optional for remote mornitoring)

  • Volt Meter
  • Frequency Meter
  • Ampere Meter
  • Power Meter
  • Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Coolant Temperature Gauge
  • Exhaust Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Protection

  • Low Oil Pressure shutdown
  • High Coolant Temperature shutdown
  • High Exhaust Gas Temperature shutdown
  • Engine Overspeed shutdown
  • Electrical protection

  • Generator Short Circuit Protection
  • Generator Earth Leakage Protection
  • Over Current protection.
  • Over/Under Voltage protection
  • Over/Under Frequency protection
  • Alternator Winding Over Temperature protection
  • Emergency Stop Device
  • Optional design for Fire Detection and Gas Detection System.