Soft starters for HV Slip Ring Motor


It is used for starting of slip ring motor smoothly, voltage rating from 380V ~ 15KV

Standards adopted

Low voltage whole set switches and controllers
IEC60947-1:1999, IEC439-1:1992
Automatic liquid resistor starting, speed regulation and compensating controller Q/FZR1-2003

Working principles

A special liquid resistor is connected in series to the rotor circuit of slip ring motor; the liquid resistor get to work when the motor starts and its resistance gradually decrease during the preset time, so as the motor can start smoothly and accelerate eventually at minimal rated current and maximum torque. After start process is completed, the rotor circuit is shorted by the contactor. Its low starting current results in no impact on motors, load and power system as well as in no harmonic to affect the power system.

No maintenance is needed for the starters as automatic water filling system controlled by electrolyte level sensor and PLC can automatically fill the electrolyte tank with required amount of water when necessary.(optional)

Main technical parameters:

  • Initial start current Iq≤1.3In
  • Start time(s) 10~60, preset, adjustable on site
  • Start attempts(times): continually @ 25℃
  • Normal working temperature of liquid resistor:0-70℃
  • Protection level IP20,IP30
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