Speed regulators for HV motor


It is used for smoothly starting, speed regulation and energy-saving operation of the slip ring motors, the voltage rating from 380v ~15kv

Working principles :

As for motors with loads such as air blower fans or pumps, speed regulation and energy saving can be achieved by changing resistance value of the variable liquid resistor that is connected in series to the rotor circuit of motor: the less resistance, the faster speed; the motor reaches its full speed when the resistance value reaches zero.

A heat circulation system is devised to circulate the liquid so as to prevent the temperature of the liquid from excessive rise. A central control unit can be adopted to realize remote monitoring and operation. It features its convenient control panels, convenient operations and high reliability.

Main technical parameters :

  • Initial starting current: 1st≤1.3in (A)
  • Speed regulation rates: 2:1 for air blower fan and pump
  • Recommendable range: 60%~90% Nn
  • Characteristics of impulse suppressing slip S≤0.12 for rolling machine, based on its working conditions
  • Energy saving rates: ≥30%(average value) for air blower fan and pump
  • Normal working temperature of variable liquid resistor: 0~70℃
    Protection level: IP20, IP30
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