Soft starters for LV motor


It is used for the soft start and protection of the low-voltage squirrel cage motors with power rating from 7.5kw to 500kw

Performance Characteristics:

  • Multiple starting methods
  • Current limit soft start, voltage index curve, voltage ramp linear curve, current index curve; Programmable kick start starting torque and starting current limit.
  • Advanced communications functions
  • RS485 communications interface adopted to enables the users to internet control. Built-in ModBus standard protocol adopted, easy for system configuration
  • Two sets of motor control data for motors with different power ratings,making the control over two motors of different power ratings possible.
  • Multiple stoppage modes
    Programmable soft stoppage, free stoppage, break stoppage, soft stoppage plus brake stoppage.
  • Dynamic memory for system errors, up to 15 faults can be recorded, easy for trouble- shooting.
  • Well-developed protection function
  • Protections against overload, overheat, phase failure, power loss and micro-computer by means of feedback on current and load details.

Working Principles:

The parallel thyristors are connected into stator circuit of the low-voltage motors. Voltage drop start is achieved by adjusting the firing angle of thyristors, which is controlled by the 32-bit ARM micro-controller.


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