Soft starters for HV motor 


It is used to soft start and protect of H.V. squirrel-cage motor or asynchronously-started synchronous motor,with voltage rating from 3kV ~ 15KV, especially suitable for the industrial enterprises with insufficient power capacity.

Design Feature:

  • Predictable: Simulation software is used to analyze the  the                starting process.
  • Adjustable: The starting time, the resistance of the liquid resistor can be adjusted
  • Controllable: The resistance of the liquid resistor can be adjusted so the whole starting process and the power systems voltage are also controllable
  • Repetition Availability: The initial value of the liquid resistor can be adjusted based on the ambient temperature and the proceeding starting temperature so as to maintain the stability of the starting process
  • Able to Remote control: Which makes available the remote communication and central control and meets the requirements by DCS control system
    Reliable: Smooth starting process with no impact to mechanical system, motor and power systems

    Standards adopted
    Technical requirements for high voltage switch cabinet and control device 
    IEC 60694:1996  3~35kV AC metal-cased switch device 

          IEC298: 1990  High voltage AC motor liquid soft start equipment

Technical parameters:

  • Rated voltage(kv):3-15KV
  • 1-minute impulse withstand voltage (kv):10/18,20/23,28/32 (Phase voltage) 12,15,18 (Line Voltage)
  • Starting current (A):1.5-3.5 In
  • Starting time (s):10-60-120 (adjustable on site)
  • Normal working temperature of liquid resistor:0-70
  • Continual starting attempt (times):3-4 (below 1250kw); 2-3 (above 1250kw) (ambient temperature 25)
  • Protection level: IP20, IP30


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