Passive HV Harmonic Filter

The equipment is used for high voltage class form 3~35kv, with capacity ranging from hundreds of KVAr to several MVAr, which  can be widely used for metallurgy, mining, oil, chemistry, manufacturing, light industry, and construction as well.

Main Characteristics:
1.Professional  design, real-time monitoring and control of harmonic
2. Tailor-made filtering reactor and good-quality filtering capacitor adopted
3. Functions to keep the harmonic from increasing, and avoid resonance with power system available
4. Simple structure, low investment, reliable working performance and low-cost of maintenance
5.High-quality filtering capacitor featuring high reliability, low power-consumption, low temperature while working
6. Perfect capacitor protection is as follows: high-voltage step-by-step ejecting fuse adopted to carry out short-circuit protection for single capacitor, neutral-point unbalance current protection, open delta voltage protection, and voltage differential protection adopted for capacitor banks unbalance protection for capacitor banks
7. Full range of protection: over-current, over-voltage, low-voltage,low cycle etc.
Working principle
1.ZRFC series of high-voltage passive filtering device is composed of multiple LC filtering braches encompassing filtering capacitor, filtering reactor, free-inductance resistor,which is connected in parallel to the power network with nonlinear load.
2.All the filtering branches designs take key points into account including: the components and amount of harmonic and power factor compensation. For the harmonic, each filtering branch works the same as the low-resistance route way, making most relevant harmonic flow into this branch. In this way, the filtering gets done and also the voltage common point and current distortion get less. Besides this, the device can supply the power system with capacitive Var power to enhance power factor of the power system.
3.The equipment can be used for high voltage class form 3~35kv, with capacity ranging from hundreds of KVAr to several MVAr. It produce of capacitive reactive power for inductive load power system and improve the total of power factor.
Main technical parameters:
Rated voltage 3~35kV
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Harmonic filtering 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th or above(based on contents of harmonic)
Filtering efficiency More than 70% of harmonic eliminated
Power factor improvement >0.90 (depends on customers' requirement)
Var compensation Power factor extends 0.92
Structure style Cabinet,(half) opening
Duty class continuous
Altitude above sea level Below 1000m
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