Passive LV Harmonic Filters 



Low voltage active harmonic filtering and power factor improvement equipment is specially designed for the load that changed with the fluctuation of the harmonic and power factor improvement volume (such as welding machine, rolling mill, transducer), this equipment automatically measure the changes of the load, real-time control and switching of each filtering branch, always keeps system power factor optimization at the time of filtering.

Main Characteristics

Professional  design
Efficient filtering, wide use
Short-time response
Highly accurate compensation
Tailor-made filtering reactor and good-quality filtering capacitor adopted
Functions to keep the harmonic from increasing, and avoid resonance with power system available
Programmable switch on-off method, controllable parameters and free-vibration while switching on/off
Reliable working performance and low-cost of maintenance

Working principle
The equipment is composed of multiple LC filtering branches encompassing filtering capacitor, filtering reactor, free-inductance resistor. All the filtering branches designs take key points into account including: the components and amount of harmonic and power factor improvement. For the harmonic, each filtering branch works the same as the low-resistance route way, making most relevant harmonic flow into this branch. In this way, the filtering gets done and also the voltage common point and current distortion get less. Besides this, the device produce the capacitive reactive power to increase  power factor of the inductive load power system.

Technical specification
Rated voltage 0.4~1kV
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Harmonic filtering 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th or above(based on contents of harmonic)
Filtering efficiency More than 75% of harmonic filtered
Capacity for each step (switch on/off step) 30~120kvar
Power factor improvement Power factor extends0.92
Duty class Continuous
Structure style Cabinet

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