HV Power Factor Correction Equipment 



TBB series of high voltage collective power factor improvement equipment is used in the system of 335kv and its main functions include compensating for wattles power, enhancing power factor, regulating power network voltage, reducing power consumption by cable, improving the quality of power supply and enhancing the efficiency of power distribution device.

The design of the device includes wiring mode, protection mode, inrush limit, and harmonic overload limit to ensure sound operation. Featuring simple and tight structure, the equipment is convenient to be installed and maintained, which makes it popular in the fields of metallurgy, mining, building material, oil, chemical industry, public utility project and so on.

Main Characteristics
1. High quality voltage capacitor is adopted and it has such characteristics as high reliability, long life, low consumption, low temperature rise, low impedance ratio and so on.
2. Equipped with good discharge measures and residual voltage decreases to less than 50V when the devices cut off from network.
3.High pressure ejecting fuse are adopted as short circuit protection for single capacitor to ensure the safe operation of the devices. The main protections include neutral unbalanced current protection, split triangular voltage protection and voltage differential protection.
4.Series reactors with impedance ratio of 1%-13% is adopted to limit the switching-on current and the 3rd harmonic and above
5.Perfect protective measures including, over-current, transient break, over-voltage, low voltage and so on, with a separate protective screen to ensure safe running.

Working principle
Parallel high voltage capacitors in high voltage busbar to provide reactive power;minimize the load demand of reactive power of system, so that the power factor is improved.

Main Technical Parameters
Rated voltage: 3Kv, 6Kv, 10Kv, 20kv, 35Kv
Rated power factor >0.90
Work mode continuous
Structure cabinet, frame
Dimension (W*D*H) 1200×1200×2800 (mm); or special design for 6/10 kV system; 6000×5000×4500 (mm)for 35kV system
Capacity ≥300kvar

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