LV Dynamic Factor Correction Equipment 



Traditional fixed power factor improvement equipment fails to meet the dynamic factor improvement demand of the power system. Due to this, ZTSC low-voltage dynamic factor improvement equipment is developed, aiming at dynamic power system. The equipment can conduct automatic detecting and real-time compensation on the power network responding to load change, which makes the power factor of the system remain the optimal point. The equipment can be found widely used among numerous fields where load changes greatly including: metallurgy, mining, oil, chemistry, machine-making, light industry, and municipal construction as well

Main characteristics
Accurate compensation
short-time response
Free from vibration while switching on/off
Voltage vibration impact and harmonic interference resisted
Reliable operation performance and low-cost operation
Well-developed protection measures

Working principle
The equipment adopting advanced control calculation can carry out real-time detecting and calculation on compensation capacity of power system. In this way, it can control switch on/off of all compensation branches, achieving accurate power factor improvement. Switches adopted can be contactor and thyristor free-contacting-point switches based on the variable loads. Over-zero switch-on and over-zero switch-off are applied to the thyristor free-contacting-point switches, which can limit current surge efficiently.

Technical specification
Rated voltage 0.4~1kV
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power factor improvement Power factor extends 0.92
Capacity for each step 20~60kvar(switch on/off to step)
Duty class Continuous
Structure style Cabinet

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